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Minneapolis and Tibetans and Booksellers

February 2, 2017

So there I was following a Tibetan monk around the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Nosy of me, but I was wondering what would interest a Tibetan monk in a Midwestern art museum. He was an older man in a saffron robe with a mustard-yellow toque and fetching mustard-and-crimson striped socks emerging from big sneakers. Huge sneakers, basketball-player-sized sneakers. He strolled down the corridor in an amiably splay-footed manner, talking in a language I didn’t understand…

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Lesley Krueger

I was born in Vancouver, B.C., and brought up on the slopes of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver. When I graduated from high school at 16, I drove over Lion’s Gate Bridge to the University of B.C. There I spent most of my time working on the student newspaper, The Ubyssey, eventually becoming its editor …

Reviews for Lesley's Books


Lesley Krueger’s ambitious new novel, The Corner Garden, is all about storms and angels (black ones) and history. It is also about friendship and deception, beauty and horror, and about the difficulty of delineating, in our lives of spinning fragments, between these overlapping realms. It is a good story about gravely serious matters, but it is also a satire and an ironic diminution of self. It is a novel both hysterically funny and deeply troubling. It just so happened that I read it with a cracked rib. Breathing hurt, let alone laughing. Krueger made me emit animalistic howls that were the purest blend of pleasure and pain. Anthony Powell, with his veneration for the accidental and preposterous, could not have arranged things better.

The Corner Garden ~ Modris Ecksteins ~ The Literary Review of Canada

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