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Daily Life (e-Book)

With her broke family squeezed into a widesized house, Leslie faces jury duty in a bloody gangland murder trial.

In this mashed-up novel about everyday life, Leslie struggles to be a good person in a recession that refuses to end. On her way to jury duty, Leslie stumbles across her half-brother Bob, back to panhandling in downtown Toronto. She takes him home to the newly-empty nest she shares with her husband — where they’re soon joined by her 22-year-old activist daughter, Raine, and Raine’s boyfriend, Mac. Raine is pregnant, Mac is newly-diagnosed with MS.

And if that isn’t enough, Bob’s attempt to go off the booze cold-turkey lands him in the emergency ward. Meanwhile, Leslie draws unwanted attention from the families of the accused murderers at the trial. All part of daily life, as Leslie searches for justice in this environmentally-challenged, economically volatile modern world.

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