Don’t Get Killed in Alaska Screening in Toronto December 4, 2013

The cast, crew and industry screening of Don’t Get Killed in Alaska was a big hit this week. Two hundred crowding the Royal Cinema in Toronto. And it looks as if the film will be playing for the public next year! More exciting news to follow.

Comments? “Beautiful film.” “Beautiful.” “Heartfelt, funny, evocative and beautiful.” Guess everyone thought it was beautiful.don't get killed copy

Written and directed by Bill Taylor, the film features an ace group of actors: Tommie-Amber Pirie, Rosemary Dunsmore, Oliver Dennis, Gianpaolo Venuta and Ben Lewis. Cinematography by Ben Lichty, producers Laura Permutter and Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith. I was a co-producer and Dan Bekerman of Scythia Films exec produced.