Drink the Sky offered FREE today May 15, 2015

DrinkTheSky-coverThe e-version of my environmental thrilleresque novel is up for free TODAY ONLY at all Amazon sites, including e-stores in CANADA, the US and UK.

Also on others around the world.

In its satisfying breadth and its consideration of the potential of women’s lives, Drink the Sky recalls the novels of 19th century British women… not once did I feel like putting this book down. Sometimes I had to, of course, but I was always eager to pick it back up again. Krueger’s depiction of Holly’s experience is wise and sincere… But best of all is Krueger’s use of a 19th century women’s literary tradition to structure a 20th century woman’s exploration of marriage, morality and meaning.

Donna Bailey Nurse
The National Post

Lesley Krueger adds another richly textured canvas to her gallery with her new novel, Drink the Sky. Teeming with the layers of life of a Brazilian rain forest, Drink the Sky is sensual and literate, both microcosm and metaphor. Drink the Sky scrapes away the accretions of civilization to explore questions of social and moral responsibility, revealing human motivation to be at once squalid, beautiful, dangerous, enticing an, like the rain-forest canopy itself, ultimately impenetrable.

Loranne Brown
The Globe and Mail

In an unusual page-turner which sets North American arrogance against the lurking dangers of an untried, exotic environment, Toronto writer Lesley Krueger challenges modern assumptions….With tight control of her material and a skilful handling of mounting suspense, Krueger turns Drink the Sky into a thriller of admirable precision, an original and provocative novel of ideas… The finished tapestry, exciting, colourful and finely fashioned, makes Drink the Sky a polished second novel from one of the country’s most promising young writers.

Nancy Schiefer
The London Free Press