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Drink The Sky

The Austens—Todd, Holly and their two sons—have moved to Rio de Janeiro for two years. A committed environmentalist, Todd finds himself more often leading groups of celebrities and academics on tours of the Amazon than working on its preservation. Yet all this changes when he catches a mining conglomerate in a sinister land grab, and discovers to his horror that a native tribe has disappeared.

Back in Rio, Holly—a frustrated visual artist—is on a reconnaissance mission of her own. In a city of lush tropical excess, she hopes to reclaim not only her art, but her self of self, battered by the demands of marriage and motherhood.

Both are driven by very modern obsessions and a timeless passion for risk. As Todd pursues a vanished people through the Amazon, Holly abandons herself to emotional impulse, courting a lover and testing the dark limits of her imagination. As their marriage disintegrates, they enter a downward spiral of temptation and peril. In Brazil, a place they don’t understand, they are surrounded by friends they only think they know, and the treacherous physical and emotional terrain threatens to swallow them and their children whole.

Drink the Sky asks hard questions about the nature of our responsibilities to those we love and to ourselves, about the schism between private and public values, and the sometimes dire personal cost of attaining our ideals.