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How do you deal with a world you don’t understand? Driven by a mixture of dissatisfaction and idealism, successful young actor Jack Hall leaves Los Angeles to engage in the struggle for human rights in Central America. Stopping in Mexico, Jack gets trapped in a web of relationships—sexual, commercial, political—all of them overseen by the long-time foreign correspondent Hugh Bruce. Despite Hugh’s help, or because of it, things go very wrong.

Hard Travel

Short stories

Lesley Krueger has travelled widely, in Brazil and Mexico as well as in Europe and the United States, and for her, the displaced person is the great modern subject. Not that she’s preoccupied with pain or sorrow or loss. The refugee for her is the bringer of good tidings. The old gives way to the new, the past to the future. Likeness gives way to diversity, the impossible to the possible, and all things are made new. This is the stuff of her fiction, vital and forgiving.

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Coming Attractions 4

Short stories by Lesley Krueger, Rohinton Mistry, and Dayv James-French