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A few times a year, I story edit feature film scripts, usually working with emerging filmmakers.

As a story editor, I see my job as challenging writers to dig out their best possible work, whether in comedy or drama. It’s not my role to impose ideas, although I make sure the writers—and producers and directors—are up-to-date on market demands and conditions.

Screenwriting involves making a series of choices, and I aim to ensure writers make their choices consciously rather than by stabbing in the dark. I start by analysing their scripts, then ask a series of targeted questions over seven or eight meetings. The old Socratic method, as multi-talented filmmaker Karen Lam called it, when I story edited her first feature, Stained.

Check out Karen’s trailer for Stained:

Stained is written and directed by Karen Lam, and produced by Karen Lam, Katie Weekley and Bob Crowe. A psychological thriller about a woman in thrall to her tortured past, it has played at festivals around the world, including the Cannes Film Marche: Perspectives Canada Showcase 2010. Stained stars Tinsel Korey (Emily of The Twilight Saga), and Sonja Bennett.

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For more information about story editing services, please contact:
Jennifer Hollyer and Ilana Miller,
The Jennifer Hollyer Agency,
119 Spadina Avenue,
Suite 403,
Toronto, ON M5V 2L1


Story Editing Tip:

During rewrites, go through your script and make sure at least one thing changes in every scene, and that it feeds your story. Maybe a bomb explodes, shredding expectations. Maybe one character loses power over another, whether she’s a mother confronting her daughter or a sergeant roaring at a grunt. An image we’ve seen before morphs into its opposite. A character learns something; the audience learns something. We expect the car to go straight and it hangs a sharp left. In too many early drafts, the script reads like an old magazine in a dentist’s office. No news.