Hockey Stalker — Now Available Free December 19, 2013

My short story, The Hockey Stalker: A Love Story, is available now available FREE on Smashwords.

You can also pay the astronomical sum of $1.05 Canadian or 99 cents US cents on Kindle, if that suits your technology better.

Hockey StalkerIt’s the story of a man with a fetish for women hockey players who starts stalking a women’s team — and fixates on Janis Trevor. Janis already faces man problems. Her husband has walked after only a few months of marriage, and now she has a boyfriend who won’t commit.

As the troll-like stalker sticks to her like wet snow, Janis has to skate her way to freedom. Or maybe a commitment. You can never tell how the game will play out.

And while you’re on the Kindle site, please check out my novel, The Corner Garden, re-released on the 10th anniversary of its publication. It’s available HERE.