Hockey Under the (Almost) Midnight Sun – Reykjavik June 6, 2013

Reykjavik under brisk winds. But when aren’t winds brisk in Reykjavik? I ended my visit to Iceland by spending a couple of days wandering the capital, visiting friends, checking out the shops, going to galleries and museums and stumbling on street art.

Highlight? Visiting my friend Karolina Lewicka and seeing her wonderful short, In a Heartbeat, which has now played in  50 festivals around the world. It’s about a nine-year-old girl standing up to bullies. Check out the trailer:

I also couldn’t resist buying some pottery, which seems organic in Iceland, even though potters have to import clay. “Our country isn’t old enough to make its own,” potter Guðrún Indriðadóttir told me. “We are very new here.” Check out her work at

And since I’m in travel writing/recommendation mode, fashion designer Gag Skorrdal has a wonderful shop called GAGA ( where I bought a scarf I love. And then there are her hats…HFURJAN002

Okay, so I shopped in Reykjavik, and ate some excellent fusion Icelandic/Spanish food at Tapas Bar, where I recommend the Icelandic sea trout. Love cities when I’m in cities, love the countryside when I’m hiking around.

For more of my photos showing both sides of Iceland, go to Check This on this website.