How to Keep Your Day Job May 24, 2013

Director Sean Frewer’s short film, How to Keep Your Day Job, is heading to the Manhattan Film Festival, which runs from June 20th to 30th. A year after its first screening, the short is now playing on all Air Canada flights — so check it out! I wrote the screenplay, which is based on the short story of the same name by Rebecca Rosenblum, and the film was produced by Lea Marin with executive producer Tyler Levine.

Starring the wonderful Georgina Reilly, it was filmed in the offices of Bravo!FACT, which funded the production under Gina Dineen.

Here’s a snippet from the production draft script of the first scene:

B003_C014_021981_001.0000531-1024x432INT. LOFT – BEDROOM AREA – DAWN

CLOSE ON: The face of an illuminated bedside alarm clock.
It’s 6:22 — turning over to 6:23.

First, buy a second alarm clock and
set it half an hour early.

A pretty woman — the EMPLOYEE (24) — lies awake in bed.
Behind her is the half-seen form of her BOYFRIEND (26).

Promise your boyfriend that you’ll
turn it off as soon as it rings.

The Employee jerks forward and SLAPS her hand down on the
alarm clock — which hasn’t yet rung.