How to Keep Your Day Job — and Get the Glory July 11, 2013


I’m absolutely delighted to pass on the news from director Sean Frewer that our short film, HOW TO KEEP YOUR DAY JOB, has been nominated for BEST SHORT FILM at the 2013 Directors’ Guild of Canada Awards! Sean is the director, with the mega-talented actress Georgina Reilly in the lead. Producer is Lea Marin, the executive producer is Tyler Levine, and I wrote the script based on Rebecca Rosenblum’s wonderful short story of the same name.

Congrats to all the other nominees: FROST, by writer/director Jeremy Ball and producer Lauren Grant — a production of the Canadian Film Centre, where I love to keep my day job — THE SOUND OF WILLIE NELSON’S GUITAR, with director Chris Cinnamon, writer Cameron Chapman and producer Jason Nolan; and THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS from writer/director Marc Roussel, writer Mark Thibodeau and a team of producers.

Finger crossed!