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Johnny Bey and the Mizzenglass World


Johnny Bey is a kid who likes to fix things. Mostly he wants to fix his family after his 13-year-old brother Brendan goes missing. Tracking Brendan to an old quarry, Johnny is amazed to find his brother—who’s transparent.

A ghost.

Brendan tells Johnny that for him to get home, they have to enter the magical world of Mizzenglass and play a dangerous game. One big problem: Brendan has never played by the rules.

Inside the magical world of Mizzenglass, the brothers form a Company of Seven with five other kids who want to go home. Johnny meets athletic Claire, wise Joe, nervous Rosa—who knows too much—and the Twins, who are too young for the treacherous game, but who need to get home to their parents.

And they play against the Shadow, an otherworldly creature who throws up their greatest fears as opponents.

In this book for kids ten and up, Johnny Bey and his Company fight the Shadow through three levels of peril. First they must travel through a water world populated by strange sea creatures, the a Cretaceous land of blood-thirsty dinosaurs and finally an Ice Age of mammoths and sabre-toothed cats, along with a far trickier peril peril: early humans.

As he struggles to lead his Company and bring his brother home, Johnny tries to be a good brother and better son in a land where nothing is what it seems.

Johnny Bey is available as an e-book from AMAZON or SMASHWORDS for $3.09 Canadian or $2.99 US. You can also read it chapter by chapter HERE or on WATTPAD as I roll the book out online over the next months.