Literary Review of Canada May 9, 2013

New review this month in The Literary Review of Canada. I take a look at Claire Messud’s fine novel, The Woman Upstairs. It’s the story of a failing artist who has relegated her work to the second bedroom of her upstairs apartment. What happens when an artist on the cusp of international fame erupts into her quiet life? A subtle examination of the user and the user. Check it out online at

And while you’re at it, check out Russell Smith’s column in The Globe and Mail today about the controversy Messud stirred up in a Publisher’s WeClaire Messudekly interview:

Online at the LRC is a small piece I did last year about summer getaways. How beautiful it would be to go to Katherine Mansfield’s childhood cottage, which she wrote about in her short story, At the Bay. The oceanside circa 1900. How much has changed?

Other fine summer getaways from Alexander MacLeod, Bronywn Drainie, Antanas Sileika, Natalie Zemon Davis and others: