Open Book — and Mike Babcock June 1, 2017

I’m starting my post as Writer in Residence on Open Book with some ruminations about how to find material for your writing. That and meeting cute with Mike Babcock as my rec league hockey team landed in Phoenix to play in a tournament. We were at the luggage carrousel, and there was the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs motoring by.

Here’s an excerpt:

When I was sixteen, I might have projected a story involving a rec league hockey team picking up a professional coach for the weekend in a meet-cute manner, rising above general ineptitude (maybe some truth to that) and winning big at the tourney.

 In fact, that’s a Hollywood movie, says me, wearing my screenwriter’s hat. A very bad Hollywood movie, although lately there isn’t any other kind.

 Make the plucky team captain your lead actress (Reese Witherspoon), individualize a few players (somewhat), add in escalating team conflict (in fact, non-existent) and construct a plangent B story about the brooding goalie facing a personal crisis (Noomi Rapace, who is after all a sort of younger female Henrik Lundqvist, or at least has the same hair).

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