Open Book Writer in Residence June 1, 2017

For the next month, I’ll be blogging on the fabulous Open Book site about everything from playing hockey in Arizona last week to working with a voice actor on the audio book of Mad Richard.

Today, the Open Book people have started me off with an interview, which you can find on on the site.

Questions range from how I started writing the novel, my method of work and what what it was like to write Charlotte Brontë as a character. My answer, in part:

Everyone has their own version of a historical figure like Charlotte Brontë. Stands to reason, when everyone would have met a slightly different person in real life. We all show different sides of our personalities to different people. In reading her Collected Letters (all three volumes!) I developed a feeling for Charlotte Brontë as a very strong woman and a bit of a bitch (can I say that?) for all her famous shyness and anxieties. I liked her a lot, and felt a great deal of pleasure in her imagined company.

Once again, you can read the rest of the answer(s) here.