Sports Lit Anthology April 14, 2014

It’s called Aethlon, The Journal of Sport Literature, and its editors have put out a new anthology of sports fiction, non-fiction and poetry for use in the classroom. Football, pool, climbing, baseball — and hockey, of course. All bases are covered and all downs touched. sport lit

My contribution is The Hockey Stalker (A Love Story), already anthologized elsewhere and available as a kindle download on Amazon. But here it joins other fine selections for your browsing and teaching pleasure.

Highlight for me: the poem Night Game by Adam Sol.

This month, Adam has also released a new collection of poetry. Complicity is out from McClelland and Stewart and available in both paperback and Kindle formats HERE.

Aethlon can be ordered from the editor, Dr. Joyce Duncan, at   joyce d [email protected] . com for $25.00 U.S. (Take out the spaces; bot prevention in use.)

You can ignore the date on the cover. The usual backlog in academic journal production means they’re officially a couple of years behind.

And most of all — enjoy!