Stuff 3: Books 4 June 27, 2016


Speaking of pulp fiction, there’s a thousand pulps in the house, most too brittle too read, many of them small revelations in themselves.

I didn’t know A.A. Milne had written anything other than Winnie the Pooh, but apparently he wrote a mystery novel for his father. This would be John Milne, who ran a small school in London and hired H.G. Wells for a year when he was young and struggling. So Wells taught the younger Milne. (A factoid learned when pulling another old book off my shelf, this time a biography of Wells by Lovat Dickson. My reading is getting random. Which is probably good.)

Trolling through Canadian content, I found this jacket copy on the cover of Barometer Rising by High MacLennan: AS EXCITING A NOVEL AS MAY SAFELY BE PUBLISHED…..A NOVEL OF LITERALLY UNENDURABLE SUSPENSE

And on Why Be A Sucker, the subhead: Invest in Canada. Which probably isn’t bad advice fifty years later in the wake of Brexit.

And of course there’s Agatha Christie, multiple times, along with a classic or two thrown in. Enjoy: